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Unlike the big box tax offices, we are a locally owned and operated, family business. We prepare tax returns for small businesses and individuals, and resolve tax conflicts with the IRS, in the greater Chattanooga and North Georgia area, and beyond. We are open all year to meet all of your tax needs as they occur.

Tax law is always changing, so we keep up with the changes in tax law and complete many hours of continuing education in tax law each year, so that we may continue to serve you well.

Below are three easy ways we can help you with your needs.

1. Our Convenient Drop Off Service.
2. Virtual Services.
3. In Person Tax Preparation.

Give us a call: 423-486-1040

 Current Hours

Tuesday-Thursday 9am-4pm

Or by appointment


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1099 K Reporting Change Delayed

You know that new reporting requirement the IRS is implementing? Well, it is changing as of December 23. Here is what you need to know.

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Weekly Tax Tips

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Understanding Tax Terms: Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Your health spending account (HSA) is an extremely valuable tax planning tool with multiple tax benefits. Are you taking full advantage of yours?

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Retirement can be Taxing!

During retirement, the tax burden can become very complex. Without proper planning you could be paying thousands you do not have to ... Here are four key areas to help you plan.

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Calling All Taxpayers: Plan Now or Pay Later

Waiting to implement strategies to reduce your 2023 tax obligations could cost you money. Here are some suggestions to jumpstart your midyear tax planning review.

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